How to write a great on hold Script?

If you really want your on hold script stand out, so you need to write it extraordinary.

  • It should be relevant but more informative. No need to go beyond the limits.
  • On-hold call is platform where you not only engage your customers by keep them more attentive using fun facts,and conversational language.
  • Don’t use such words like we are the best in the country, it can damage your credibility if you are not keeping your words.Just educate them about your achievements and awards and also told them customers feedback and review process.
  • Your message should be precise and accurate. Don’t go in details and identify key points and stick to those.

Our On-hold Call Strategies

We use following strategies to convert a caller into buyer:

Something Different!
Regular and loyal customers always gives a shot, when they are trusting and purchasing from you. But we never take them for granted, we always keep in mind customers satisfaction. In order to keep them live, we tell them about our new product launch and promotion through on hold calls.

What makes you different from others:
When you are on call with a customer, we tell you about your unique quality of products.What is the difference between us and our competitors.If we are doing some excellency, then we must share it with our clients on the spot.

Spread Awareness!
Majority of our customers are not always aware about our production and innovation. We educate them by sharing informative things while they are on call. It will be chance to boost our marketing as well they will appreciate to learn about it.

Choose in between Products:
We always set a fine line to customers, while presenting variety of information about different products. First we think about alternating these items with pleasant, appropriate music to keep them active while they are listening us.

First impression is the Last one:
We choose specific tones for customer voice services and present our ideas logically to show them that we are caring from the first minute.It all about our quality script.

How to market Your Idea?

On Hold call messages are an effective source of marketing. We follow these simple steps make our customer more satisfied.

  • We use custom on hold marketing Messages by telling our customer about upcoming products and services.We don’t let them hang up until we have shared more information with them.
  • We select a genre of on hold music that represent our brand and entertain our customers, before they get annoyed and hang up the call.
  • We represent our organization with crystal clear, narration customs which suit to their brand. Invest proper and earn more.
  • Simple and easy use of menu to help customer to reach the department they desire. We are sure, the greetings are professionally recorded.

Voice Talent

It can be challenge for you to find an perfect match for your Brand. We have best voice quality service provider.Our voice experts understand your business and then communicate the message with a unique voice quality to best represent your brand.We create an emotional connection between your brand & listener.

We consider following 2 important things before crafting your message:

  • Voice of a Gender: in between comparison of male & female, people mostly find difference in their voice quality. But its not a gender difference, it is all about, intensity, volume, rate of speech & specific idea presentation.
  • We are more focused on voice sample evaluation by using three different approaches, Friendly, Professional, and Personal approach.
  • Take your own Choice: Professional voice talent most often change their tones to present different delivery styles.It always depend on the listener to deal with. So make your choice clear before choosing different samples.

Music and Message Combination:

Soft music craft your message excellently. We are here to help you in choosing the music according to your need and demand, either its soft, rock,pop or contemporary music.Our producer will give you best match of your music with message.

Ingredients for a Great Message on Hold Script

We are dealing with diverse customers nationwide in Australia, so we use appropriate marketing strategies for delivering a service. We keep an eye on the current market conditions in order to generate excessive amount of profit and to maintain long term trusted relationships with clients.

For a great on Hold Message Script we focus on;

Before writing a script, we hold an idea about our customer, their queries and solutions, without wasting time.
Who they are?
Why they calling us?
What is their demand?
What we offering to them?
We see their interests in relation to our business and we make them willing to listen our audio messages.

We Use Appropriate Time Scale
We before creating a production plan, focus on time management. We very shortly and precisely introduce our product to customer and avoid the repetition of information with all possible solution. We record enough messages to fill the time so a caller isn’t stuck hearing an eternal loop of the same 3 or 4 messages.

Our main Focus
If our customers are not satisfied with the given service. So, we link them with consultation services, in order to discuss and come out with what exactly the requirement is.

Importance of On Hold Messages:

We deal with the services of on-hold audio messages which are good source of providing accurate and precise information of your services while the caller waits. We offer recorded voice message service to our customers in order to keep them connected, with a chance to sell an idea to their callers.

We generally start our messages with greetings by using the most suitable words for making a customer on hold, introducing them about a new product or service and by playing background music etc. We influence our customers by providing them professional voice over artists to record your on-hold script. We combine your messages through audio production specialists with our choice of on-hold music and at the end we deliver you professionally voiced and professional sounding telephone audio.

To compare with our competitors, we always try to bring quality and innovation in our work. We have professional writers, customer support team, and sound engineers in order to maintain customer’s satisfaction