Can I call you to discuss my demands?

We prefer to answer the queries and provide all essential data through email. You can also call us to discuss your requirements once the appointment is confirmed. To save time, we ask you to kindly email us your query with a brief detail. Our team will get back to you with a reasonable time & solution.

Before placing my order, I would like to listen a custom demo?

Unluckily, we are not dealing with free custom on hold demos. While, you can find on hold voice demos at our website.

Are you dealing with on-Hold Hardware services?

No. We are not dealing with hardware supply. We only provide on hold audio to play on your system.

I need a meeting appointment to discuss the things in detail?

Apology, for not having any meeting facility;

Because we are online service provider and most often deal our clients with emails and calls.

How long do you take time to reply an email?

We have a quick response to all the customer inquiries. You will hear from us within the same or next working day.

Can I utilize my previous script?

Yes, but make sure that script is written by you to avoid copy right issues.

Do you issue a receipt to clients after a purchase?

Receipts are sent to clients through email via our auto-payment system. In case you do not receive emails, check spam/junk folders, invoice emails might be found there. AGREE TO OURND TERMS & CONDITIONS · AFFILIATIONS ·

What is the safe mode of payment?

We use bank transfer as well as credit and debit card payment methods. It is fully secured payment system. You need to have an account in bank.

What is the payment process, by post or by phone?

Sorry, we do not take postal payments or phone. We only accept payments by bank transfer or credit and debit card.

How long does it take to receive my audio?

Typically, it takes 4 to 5 working days, after placing your order. If we are dealing with any delay, we will surely inform you immediately.

What is the standard format of your Audio?

We provide the audio in .wav and mp3 as a standard format. If it’s not compatible with your device, we will send you an alternative format.